Wedding Gifts For The Bride

Marriage is a sacred union of two hearts, bodies, minds and souls. One unites in wedlock through a formal ceremony, the wedding wherein vows are exchanged in the presence of witnesses.

In India weddings are celebrated in a very elaborate manner wherein a lot of money is spent on these occasions. People generally tend to indulge in big dos where in families and friends flock together to celebrate the holy union. In the Indian context the bride is expected to leave her parental home and after marriage reside in the groom's house with his family. Her life takes a complete flip wherein she is expected to adjust and accommodate to the new culture, rituals and habits of her to-be-husband's home. Although an important and happy moment in her life, she is overcome by nervousness and anxiety to what the future holds for her. This could be the case of many brides the world over.

The best weddings gifts for the bride irrespective of which country or culture she belongs to, would be something unique which makes her feel special and pampered.

De-stressing therapies make great gifts for the bride. Gifting a voucher of a spa wherein she can indulge in massage and facial therapies done with aromatic oils can be a complete refresher. Not only are they a great relaxing technique but they add that special glow to the complexion. A yearly membership to such a place will ensure that you receive her blessings for the rest of your life.

Weekend getaway coupons to scenic resorts and a coupon for an exotic ship cruise also make for great wedding gifts for the bride. After marriage most couples find it hard to take time out for themselves especially after the honeymoon is done and over with. Gifting a weekend getaway makes for a terrific idea as it keeps the spark of romance alive in them and also gives them time to get to know each other better away from the confines of their home, in a more relaxed environment.

Household gadgets like the microwave, freezer, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dish washer that can assist in easing the load of house work make the most practical gifts. After all the woman has always been and will always be the homemaker and although men do lend a helping hand in the household chores, yet running a home is still considered a woman's domain.