Wedding Gifts Money

A wedding is surely an occasion you want to celebrate and share with the entire world. There is nothing more exciting for the couple than to announce their wedding and send out invites to all their friends and family and colleagues too. It goes without saying that the folks who are all invited to the wedding will definitely get some or the other gift for the couple. The usual trend is to check the wedding registry and find out the items on the bride's wedding gift list and then select the gifts accordingly.

But many a times, the bride herself or the couple themselves request that the gifts be made in cash. Though this might sound a bit weird at times, yet it becomes quite practical to select the wedding gifts as money. This is because there are many a situation when the bride and the groom have married late or may be they have both already stocked up a lot of stuff which they could use as their house hold stuff. So they are now not looking forward to any gifts from the wedding guests. Asking for money is a practical idea, because instead of recycling the unwanted gifts during some body else's wedding, the couple can actually make use of the money accepted in lieu of the gifts and can either use the money to buy some thing which they fancy or even use it as a saving for the future.

Many couples also request guests to present money as gifts on their wedding, simply to use the money gathered in such a fashion, to be given away in charity. This is a highly noble thought and should be encouraged too. Then there are couples who have received all of their stuff through the gifts from other people. And now they need no more stuff as gifts. So they can opt for the money given as gifts and put it to good use like paying for their honey moon, or managing to get a reservation at a week end getaway or may be a week's stay at a vacation resort. All these ideas are truly wonderful, because it ensures the proper use and appreciation of the gift.

There is no one who does not need money, so it is definite that if you choose to give money as your wedding gift to some one, the gift will never be wasted, like it happens commonly with the usual stuff received as gifts.