Wedding Gift Wording

Well, the wedding and honeymoon are over and you now have one last chore to do to complete your successful wedding day. It is time to sit down and write out the thank you notes to your guests that attended your wedding and the guests that brought gifts. You will also want to thank your wedding party, maid of honour, bridesmaids; groomsmen, your parents, the ring bearer, and flower girl, there will be others you will want to send thank you notes too as well, the photographer, caterer, and anyone else that made your day as special as it was.

It can be easy to show your genuine appreciation and keep your notes brief. You just want to write a note not a book, when you are sending your thanks in the way of a thank you note. There are a few etiquette rules that should be followed when writing out your thank you notes, they are:

* Write your thank you notes in blue or black ink, they should also be hand written.

* Give your recipients your new address by placing it on the envelope

* Thank you notes for your wedding day need to go to all guests who gave you gifts, showers, or any other event that surrounded your wedding day.

* If you want to personalize your wedding thank you notes, you can print a picture of the newly wed couple on your cards using black and white photo.

* Show your guests your appreciation by sending your wedding thank you notes out as soon as possible after the honeymoon.

When writing thank you notes for a monetary gift, do not mention the amount of money received, instead, just let them know that you appreciate their generous gift and add a line to let them know what you are going to be using the money for. If they were at the wedding and reception be sure to let them know that their presence was appreciated as well.

When you need to send a thank you note to a close friend, you need to start the card with, Dear __, let them know that you are happy that they were able to attend the celebration and that their gift is appreciated.

To send a wedding gift thank you to a group you will need to address the group as family or friends and tell them thank you for the gift by mentioning it by name and also tell them how thoughtful the gift is. If the gift happens to be from a group of co-workers, you can simply place a thank you card on the bulletin board and send each person in the group an email.