Wedding Party Gifts

As you get ready for your big day with the help of your parents, and best friends going just as crazy as you are, there is one more thing you need to remember to do, buy or make gifts for those that will be in your wedding party. Wedding party gifts allow you to thank everyone for being there for you, and allowing you to be crazy and still be your friends after your big day is over.

A few things you could get for your bridesmaids could include: monogrammed totes, makeup bags, picture frames, jewellery boxes, photo albums, leather journals and note jotters, manicure sets, or even a pink tool belt.

Groomsmen, ushers, and father of the bride will enjoy exquisite personalized gifts, such as: clocks, watches, cufflinks, business card cases, manicure sets, mugs, personalized golf tees, briefcases, or money clips. Father of the bride gifts might include: personalized sports gifts, leather briefcases, or travel bags, desk sets, knives, or BBQ and/or barware.

When choosing gifts for your parents you need to get something that is very special and shows your thanks and appreciation for guiding you through life. A couple things to remember when choosing their gift are:

* Put your wedding date on your gift so that it will remind your parents of your day. This will make a practical, as well as, elegant thank-you.

* Make sure you treat them like royalty. You could have not only you and your dad arrive in a limo, but have a second limo for your mom and your in-laws to arrive in.

* If you are lighting a unity candle you could have a parent from each side help light it and them gift them with a candle and candleholder with an engraved lighter, to let them know that they will always be your guiding light.

* You could set up photos of both sets of parents' wedding days photos on the registry table. Have the frames engraved with their wedding dates and gift each set with the frames afterwards.

* Make extra special place cards out of photo frames with your parent's names and your wedding date engraved then add your wedding photo later.

* You could have your toast to your parents actually written out in calligraphy and given to them as a special thank you.

Just remember that whatever gift you choose for your wedding party and parents it should be something personal that shows your gratitude and thankfulness, a sentimental reminder of how important your wedding day is.