Wedding Shower Gifts

Have you ever heard of the wedding showers? Well, it would not be very surprising if you have not as they are a tradition which is not spread all over the world. Actually, it exists only in the North America countries and some of the countries on the west part of Europe. Although it is not spread everywhere, the wedding shower tradition is really strong and it has existed for many years.

As a beginning we shall start with what the wedding shower actually is so that all people, even those who have not heard of it, are familiar with the tradition itself. Well, as it was said earlier wedding showers are an old tradition and it is tough to explain it with a couple of words. However, I am going to explain it as simple and shortly as possible. Basically, the wedding shower is the gift-giving to the bride. And you should pay attention to the fact that those are gifts for the bride only and nobody else.

Now let's go further and inform you what wedding shower gifts are usually given. Well, you should not expect something strange or unfamiliar. Just on the contrary- brides are usually given ordinary, sometimes even boring gifts! Those could be tableware, jewelry or why not clothes. However, in some countries women tend to give some very funny gifts at the wedding showers. I bet that you are wondering what those gifts could be: well, we can mention the chocolate bikinis, bras or even some sex toys. Of course, those are gifts given as a joke but if the bride is kind of narrow-minded, it is definitely not a good idea such presents to be given to her.

And what is also very interesting about the wedding shower is the way the bride gets her presents. All guests (who are only women by the way) put their gift on the ground so that they form a pile. The bride picks the gifts from the pile one by one and tries to guess what the present in the box is and who has given it. You can imagine how much fun the entire "ritual" is!

I hope that you already know much more about the wedding showers and most importantly- about the wedding shower gifts! It is really great because all those gifts are easy-to-find and in most cases they are at a very reasonable price also!