Wedding Thank You Gift

When planning and attending a wedding, it is good to know that an integral part of the celebration is the wedding favors, which not only serve to commemorate the occasion but also to give the guests a little something by which they could fondly remember the event with, as well as in gratitude for gracing the big day with their presence. There are a wide variety of wedding favors that can be given away, ranging from the traditional to the modern and creative, all of which should be best considered and custom fitted for the theme of the wedding and mindset of the bride and groom. It is the favor which says, "How would you like your wedding to be remembered?"

Aside from the elegant corsages of choice selected blooms and the beautifully engraved wedding invitations and commemorative photos given to the guests, the wedding favor must be ideal. For couples going the traditional route of a church wedding, it is most common to find in the reception that their favors are glass or ceramic sculptures. They could range from the various wedding themes such as a pair of doves, or even small versions (children, usually) of brides and grooms. There are sometimes even loops shapes as hearts with a pair of bells. Some couples go for the bells. These range from glass bells to golden ones and ceramic ones, being highly symbolic. Some couples even prefer to utilize their resources well--instead of a wedding cake, they get individual identical cupcakes or mini-cakes which form a cake tier and each cake will be given to the guests before they go home. Some couples (especially those with theme weddings) will not be as easily contented. They prefer tiny luminescent lamps of different colors, those with a Star Wars themed wedding (surprisingly popular in the US) would give out tiny light-up lightsaber keychains. Some who go for a Lord of the Rings wedding give out related goods as well?

There are many different wedding favors--ranging from traditional to novelty, but all in all, the thing to remember is that the favor should best represent the couple and their ideals, and how their see their wedding day, and how their would like the guests to see their wedding day in their memories as well. A favor can be practically anything, but it should not be just something. It is an ideal and a representation of the married couple's finest wedding memory.