Wine Christmas Gift Baskets

Wine makes a great gift by itself but why stop there? You can create a wine gift basket or purchase one. Wine is a great accompaniment to meals or can also be enjoyed by itself. Wine and cheese are often a great combination and you can add other items too, like corkscrew openers, crackers, wine glasses, and coasters.

To create your own wine Christmas gift basket go to your local dollar store and find some wine glasses, cheeseboard and cheese cutter or chocolate pecans or dipped pretzels. Find or purchase a nice basket to place the items in and arrange all items nicely. After you get everything arrange to your taste then wrap it with cellophane and decorate with ribbons and a bow, add a gift tag and your gift recipient will be tickled pink.

You can purchase wine Christmas gift baskets too if you don't have the time to make your own. Wine Christmas gift baskets can range in a wide assortment and prices. Wine Christmas gift baskets come with a large assortment of some of the best wines and specialty foods available. Some items that might come in a purchased Wine Christmas Gift Basket are: Italian beef salami, smoke salmon, cheeses and fancy crackers with chocolates for afterwards. They are usually all combined in a rattan basket and wrapped in cellophane with ribbons and a bow. They can have personalized ribbons attached as well.

Wine Christmas gift baskets can be filled to the brim with items like, truffles, smoked salmon, fancy cheese and crackers, Ghirardelli chocolates, jams, jellies, lobster spreads, a pair of wine glasses, and of course a superb bottle of wine. Anyone that receives a basket like this will be in heaven.

Wine Christmas gift baskets can also show recognition. Again you can either purchase or make your own and use your imagination here. You can get a bottle of wine and a pair of wine glasses with chocolates that are packaged with a dollar amount like a hundred dollar bill.

Prices for Wine Christmas Gift Baskets range in a wide variety. You can get a basket for $39.95 which contains a bottle of red wine, brie cheese, crackers, chocolates, pretzels, and pecans in a sea grass basket. If you want to spend more you can get a picnic basket loaded to the brim and overflowing with wine, chocolates, salmon, caviar, crackers, candies, olives, and much, much more. A basket like this would be in the $500 price range.