Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Ok, you have been married for a year and since paper is the traditional gift for the first anniversary why can?t you just get her a card and a dozen paper roses? Sure, go ahead. And while you are at it start looking for another significant other. The first year of marriage is usually the rockiest and it needs something at the end to remind each party what the marriage is really all about. Marriage is about two people loving each other and wanting to spend their lives together. Greetings cards and paper roses just don't manage to convey that message. This is not only a milestone in your marriage it is one of, if not the most important one in your marriage.

So you want to keep your anniversary traditional but don't want to be cheesy and cheap. What choices do you have to make your first anniversary so memorable it will still be talked about on your 25th anniversary? Actually you have a lot of choices and if you use your imagination you will find a lot more.

There are a lot of things you can do with paper. You can write a poem about you feelings. Talk about all the things you shared during the first year and how you look forward to many more years together. Put the poem in a bottle and make it a message in a bottle. Commission an artist to do a pen and ink portrait of the two of you. You can even have the portrait done from one of your wedding photos.

Some people will get a newspaper from the day they were married with the marriage announcement in it. You can even commission a company to make a fake newspaper for you that has your wedding photos and announcements on the front page.

Tickets of any kind are also great first anniversary gifts. They can be tickets to a favorite concert or a weekend for the both of you at a spa. Romantic getaways should also be on the top of the list and most hotels, if they know you're on your anniversary will throw in a bottle of champagne and a bunch of roses or even a discount rate on the honeymoon suite.

Your first anniversary should be one to remember down through the years. Make it special and it will pay off in a long and happy life together.