Advice On Gluing Seed Beads To Wood.

Q: I bought an unfinished wood jewelry box and I'd like to paint it and then glue some seed and bugle beads on to it. Can anyone recommend a good type of glue to use? I know alot about beads but not much at all about all of the different types of glues out there!

A: Try Aleene's 'Tacky Glue', it dries clear and is very sturdy and long lasting. Don't forget to sand down any rough edges before you paint. I gotta say that I haven't had much luck gluing beads unless I use two part clear 'Epoxy'. Otherwise, it seems that I have trouble with the glue cracking after a couple of years. I saw 'Martha Stewart' gluing beads onto cork disks to make coasters. 'Martha' seems to love to glue things together and that seems to be the only way she can handle beads......ANYWAY, she was using a product call Gem tack, I believe, anyone know about it? Supposedly glue was water proof.