Beaded Combs.

Q: A colleague of mine is looking for someone who makes beaded haircombs. Anyone here do that, and have a website she could visit to see your work?

A: I just picked a hair comb up from the floor yesterday (my daughter's). It was 3 strands of pearl/gold beads twisted and glued onto the comb (about 3 inches long). She has others that are heavier (wood beads), and 3-dimensional which were sewn on with a heavy thread just looped around and around putting the needle through the bead design, and around the top of the comb. It seems crudely done, but that was the way it came. I have made beaded haircombs, but I don't have pictures of them on my website. I loom mine, and usually don't put on dangly bits. It's fairly easy to do.