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Beading Chain Advice.

Q: I want to bead a chain about a quarter inch in diameter (like a fat pencil), and I can do it in peyote but I was wondering if anyone knew of a faster stitch.

A: Have you tried beaded crochet? I have seen this demo'd at a few shows, and the ladies who do it can do several bracelets during the course of the show. There is an article in the Winter '98 issue of 'Beadwork'. If you know how to crochet, it's basically slip stitches in a ring w/ a bead worked in every stitch. Once you get the rhythm going, it goes quite fast. The size of the tube is determined by the # of stitches in your ring, and the size of the beads. 6 E beads works out to be about the size you need, I think. Try the spiral rope chain from 'Anne Hawleys' website, fabulous!