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Beads NJ To FL?

Q: I will be travelling to Florida from New Jersey, and I am wondering if there are any great bead shops that I must visit. We'll be travelling 'The New Jersey Turnpike' to Delaware, US 95, & Route 4. We will go through Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. I can probably get the hubby to take a side trip/detour of about an hour.

A: There is a very nice store that I buy all my beads from. I live 20 miles south of Daytona, and the place is 'Imagine That' in Ormond Beach Fl . It is about 1min. from I-95 , about 2 exits north of Daytona. Get off the Ormond Beach exit, I think it is the RT. 40 exit. As you come off I -95, if you are heading S, turn Left, go under the overpass and you will see at the light a 'Wal-Mart' super-store on the left. On the right is a little road that will take you to another shopping center. The bead store is in that center (I think the food store is a 'Publix'), and the shop is near a 'SUBWAY'. If you want the phone # just let me know. Have a nice trip & happy beading! You should check out 'Accents' bead shop in Rockville, Md. our site is That will give you information on the beads we carry. We're only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to the public. You will be able to come accross Randolph Rd to store, and then over to I-270 to continue the trip. It takes you about 15 minutes out of direction to return to 'I-95 south'. I'd love to have you visit us if it's convenient. Be sure to stop in to see 'Chevron Trading Post & Bead Company' in Asheville, North Carolina, and 'Nice People Company', who recently moved here from New York. They are both well worth the visit.