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Beads? Not sure. Advice please.

Q: These sound like 'Pop' beads. Is there a hole in the end of a larger circle? Try putting the small end into it - if there is a "pop" and it attaches - taaadaaaa......very desirable for retro 50s/60s buffs.

A: Some kind of thread-holding bobbin maybe, but 'Lace' bobbins have "handles" i.e. the "snowman" shape he describes continues and narrows into a 4 inch (appox.) long shape, and not too many in plastic. In shape, they are like a little snowman, i.e. round body with a smaller round head on top. They are about 1 cm long, the 'body' is 7 mm in diameter, and the 'head' is about 5 mm in diameter. There is no hole for thread to go through, but there is a very slight neck where we guess the thread sits. The colours are red, blue, amber, and clear. They came in a box of all sorts of things, mainly wools and threads, but no instructions. It sounds to me like they are some sort of thread bobbin. Possibly - they are lace making bobbins. Try and type in "Bobbin Lace", and you will find many websites about that very beautiful needleart. If you can SCAN a picture of these pieces, it might make positive identification easier for a lacemaker...