Beadwork Software?

Q: Are there any software programs available for either 'PC' or 'MAC' to graft/plan/create bead patterns for loomwork or peyote? Someone posted some recommendations a month or so ago, but the post is no longer accessible.

A: I didn't follow the discussions about beading s/w, but you can find more info than you can deal with if you check out "deja," one of the websites where newsgroup postings are archived. If you go to , and scroll right, up at the top there is a "Power Seach" option. Click on that, and enter "rec.crafts.beads" in the newsgroup, and "beading or beadwork and software" in the keywords sections. Choose how many returns you want per page and how far back you want to search (If you limit it to the last six months, you'll get comments on the latest software, without having to wade through years of discussions about software that has since been updated, or does not even exist). I have "The Bead Pattern Designer" by 'Practical Applied Logic'. It runs on a 'PC'. While the state of bead software is in its infancy (compared with other graphic design software), it is so much better than paper and pencil. A critique of various bead software can also be found in the June 1998 issue of 'Bead and Button'.