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Charlotte's Bead-Type Or Shape Of Bead?

Q: I heard 'Charlotte' mentioned in catalogues, but I haven't seen any pictures. Is it a type of a bead, or the way certain beads are shaped? Does anyone know of a photo on the internet that shows what one looks like? I've been looking, but no luck yet.

A: Czech beads, usually size 12 or 13, normally opaque, with a bit cut off 1 side. The effect is beautiful, as the light hits it differently, and the facet ends up at different angles on different beads in the finished work. I don't think the effect will show up well online; it shows up best with a bit of motion. I went to a few online catalogs and didn't see a picture that really shows them off well. Prehaps some closeup of finished work would show it off better. I didn't think they were worth the cost until the first time I saw them in person; now I have lots of them. They don't show up in scans very well, but if you own Carol Taylor's book Creative Bead Jewelry , the Egyptian looking brooch on pg 76 uses gold charlottes for most of the backstitched sections. They're even nicer in amulet bags where they can move a little.