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Cremated Remains Into Beads.

Q: I've heard that the ashes can be used to make glass beads. Before you think it's too gross, I should say they are a dog's ashes. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

A: My bead store had a 'Xerox' copy of something about this that was a headline for 'YAHOO NEWS'. Sorry, I don't have any more info tonight. I myself, always wanted to be made into Christmas ornaments after my demise. That way, the kids could bring me out every year and hang me on the tree. My other plan was for my husband, and I. Whoever goes first gets blown into an urn and the other one later gets put into it. Together forever, and saving space to boot. I don't know about ashes, but carbon is carbon, so I suppose it could be done. However, what I have seen done is to make beads using a process similar to that used for the making of 'Rose Petal' and other scented beads where the ashes of the deceased were used instead of, or mixed with, a source of fragrance.