Crimp Beads.

Q: Does anyone know of an online source for "gold" crimp beads?

A: 'Fire Mountain Gems' in Oregon carries them. You can reach them at: 1-800-423-2319 We carry gold and silver crimp beads in 3 styles. What we carry is not real gold if that is what you are looking for... Prices are around $3.00 per 100 'Paramount Novelties, Craft & Trim' 1 800 421-8021 Fax 213 744-0626 550 'Silver & Supply' has 14k gold, gold filled, sterling and other base metal crimp beads. They have two urls, but I get to them through They are easy to deal with, and quick to ship. The minimum purchase is only $5. They have really good prices, too. If you are looking for real gold, call them for the most current price, as the price of gold is currently down.