Dearborn MI Area Beadshops?

Q: I will be in the Dearborn/Livonia/Plymouth MI area around Thanksgiving. Anyone know of good bead shops around there?

A: The closest I've ever found to your area is in Ann Arbor. It's called 'Findings', on East Stadium. Let me know if you'd like their info. Try these. I can't remember all of the shop names off the top of my head, but this should at least get you started: 'Plymouth Beading' (Plymouth) 'Bedlam Beadworks' (Ferndale) 'Beada Beada' (Royal Oak) 'Beads SRO' (Royal Oak) 'Baglady Beads' (Hamtramck) 'Findings' (Ann Arbor) 'Bead Gallery' (Ann Arbor) You can find street addresses and phone numbers here: I'm looking at my Bead Directory, and find shops in the following towns. If they are in the area and you want their names and numbers - E-mail me. Franklin, Birmingham, St. Joseph, Wixom, Escanaba, and W. Bloomfield yours.