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Do These Beads Even Exist?!

Q: I'm searching for beads that are shaped like a hockey puck. They must be quite small (around 5mm across, 2-3mm thick) black, with the hole running through the wide part, not through the thin part. Do beads like this exist?

A: Running through the wide part? A rondelle/spacer bead? I would think most general bead places would have it, including 'General Bead'! A hole piercing the 5mm width? As opposed to beads presenting the 2-3mm edge when strung? I've seen vintage 'Swarovski' - something like that. They look like 2 flat rhinestones glued back-to-back. I also have some larger (about 12mm, I think) disks that are opaque white glass - I got these out of a close-out bin at 'Generral Bead', so they were probably Czech made. Some other disc-shaped beads (20mm?) have 2 parallel holes... I think 'Fire Mountain' had some disc beads that looked sort of like 'Cheveron' beads viewed from an end, and others with a flower design - I don't recall if these are in the most recent catalog. I think she means through from side to side. Disk-shaped or linsin. I don't think I've ever seen them that small. If you mean that the bead, when strung, will show the "edge" those are called "rondelles". If you mean that the bead, when strung, lays "flat" on the string, hole going along a diameter of the circle, those will usually be called "disks" or "wafers". This shape tends to be larger than what you describe though - usually 10 mm or more. I have some silvery-gunmetal colored beads that sound like what you're describing. I've been told they are vintage nailheads. I don't know about new beads like this though.