Fiber-Optic Beads.

Q: Can someone tell me: What are fiber-optic beads?

A: They are beads made from fiber-optic quality glass - the kind used for telephone cabling, etc. They have a "cats eye" look to them, and are sometimes called by that name. Fiber optic beads are made out of fiber optic cable - the stuff used in telephone wiring. They give an appearance like a "tiger's eye" and are dyed in many colors. The purple is my favorite. The round ones are especially good for earrings. They are available from many different sources: 'Fire Mountain', 'GemORama', and 'Annie's Wholesale Beads', among others. I have a question, you mentioned that these companies have "cat's eye beads", do you know if they are online, or how to contact them? Do you know if they have faceted Fiber Optic beads?