First-Timer Needs Help With Girl's Necklace.

Q: I am making a hand knotted necklace on silk cord. I have about 1/2 inch space between each bead. My question is, what should the finished length of the necklace be for a little girl (age 9)? I want the necklace to hang no lower than the neck, however, it is not a choker (there should be some slack). I'm thinking maybe it should be 13 in.

A: I make a lot of children's jewelry, including some for my own two girls. The 13 to 14 inch range sounds about right for the length you described; however, it really depends on the size of the child's neck. If you have anyone related to the child who sews, you could have them do a general measure of the girl's dimensions, ostensibly for a sewing project: measuring head, shoulders, waist, bust, etcetera, and incidentally neck ;) If you don't have a way to sneak a measurement like this, then going with your 13 inch length would probably be fine!