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Getting Rid Of My Beads.

Q: After much thought, I have decided to give up beading and to get rid of my beads - years worth of buying and collecting....'Delicas', 15s, 11/0s, etc. Lots of colours, and such. I have found that while I enjoy the designing part, and the buying part, I really don't enjoy the actual making part. So, any suggestions on how to sell the beads? Here? By type, lot, or...?

A: How about on 'JustBeads' auctions or 'eBay'? Even 'Yahoo', for that matter! You could do large lots if you don't want to prolong it. Feel free to list it on the 'Hot Glass Forum' (at least the lampworked ones) ~ it's new. Access the bulletin board through this URL: I would also suggest posting here. A nice, brief list of descriptions and quantities with prices of each lot listed, please. A fellow poster did this a week ago, and I'm currently awaiting my package with much excitement. So, it is possible to sell here. Please have business references ready. Also, the last poster E-mailed me zip.file pics of the merchandise I was buying. This was also a nice touch, besides helping lot to make the sale. Personally, I'm currently interested in semi-precious stone, sterling silver findings, a good pair of crimp pliers, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I am intersted in what you have, so make me an offer I can't refuse. I am completely serious. Post it, or E-mail me. Let me know what you have. I am a professional beader. Catch me quick before all my end-of-the-year money is gone. I am a senior in high school. I make eye-glass chains out of beads and sell them in my hometown. I have done pretty well, and continue to get more orders. I began by making my mom one, and it took off from there. The money I make from the chains, I save for a mission trip with my church this summer overseas. However, as I keep selling, the cost of the materials is almost more than I can make a profit out of. I am interested in the price of your beads. Some new and different ones would be a nice change for me. If possible, a donation made in beads, however small or large, would be greatly appreciated. Your contribution would help me raise money for the trip. Thank you, and I hope all is well with you. Please E-mail me your response.