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Glass Bead Press

Q: I'm researching how to make a glass bead press but I'm having trouble figuring out exactly how they work. Has anyone ever seen or maybe even used one?

A: Do you mean a tool to press hot glass into a flat bead? You can buy one from several outlets, such as Frantz Bead at 206-426-6712. The area code might be wrong, as it's changed, but if so, a Voice will give you the correct one when you call the number. see if you can find a copy (try interlibrary loan) of Perlen aus Gablonz (Glass beads from Gablonz) which has a lot of the old Czech presses and machinery and methods in it. What kind of presses are you making, foot or hand and in what shapes? I could be interested in some flower or leaf shapes. I have one leaf shaped press but some flat ones could be interesting as well.