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Glass Beads?

Q: I'm looking for glass beads in the crow or pony styles. Anyone know where to get them? I'm in San Diego and would prefer a store in the area as opposed to mail order if possible. They don't have to be Czech, or lampwork, or anything fancy.

A: If by "San Diego", you mean the place just north of Aunt Jane, then try 'General Bead' in National City. You can take a look on their website ( Take a look through their close-out board while you're in the store. Be prepared for a long wait at the check-out - it can be pretty busy. Yes, I live about 20 minutes north of Aunt Jane (Tijuana to the uninformed). I've Been to 'Gen. Bead' several times, but not since they moved to NC. I'll get the address. Road trip anyone? On National City Blvd., near 32nd St Naval Station, get on 5S, take the National City Blvd exit; turn left, go under the overpass, stay in left lane but vear right onto NC Blvd, go down a couple of blocks. It's an ugly brown building on the corner, next to a car dealer. Still ugly inside, but improving. They've fixed things so the boards can't be moved out of place, and relabled a whole lot of things. They've got a few new clerks that are more in tune to "retail", and who actually seem to know something about USING the products and are willing to explain. Too bad their "best" clerk is now a manager - and stuck in the back room with the mail/phone orders...