Half-Drilled Pearls......?

Q: Someone asked about where to find these the other day. I looked in 'Fire Mountain's' catalog #7233 and they have them in several sizes both in 3/4 and round.

A: This 'Fire Mountain' catalog must truly have everything! I suppose I will find out myself in a few weeks; I called for mine today. Is it really 244 pages (that's what their website said)? Yes, it's really that big a catalog! You're going to see all kinds of goodies that you just have to have! They are very, very nice to deal with...they also offer specials over the phone when you place an order. These specials aren't listed anywhere....you just find out about them when you call (they have a bunch of findings on special now....) That's a more recent cat # than I have, I will give them a call. I knew I could count on you to find them!