Help With Twisting Netting.

Q: I'm trying netting for the first time, and decided to try out the netted evening purse from the August issue of 'Bead and Button' (pg 52). The project starts with 144 beads (I'm using 'Delicas') tied into a circle from which you start the netting. For the life of me, I cannot keep these strands of netting from twisting. By the time I get to the third row of netting, it's a jumbled up mess. I've tried to make sure that I'm weaving onto the correct row, but I must be doing something wrong. I've now attempted this 3 times, the same thing happens each time :-). Has anyone tried this specific project before, or does anyone have any netting tips?

A: One other thing that works with peyote that you might try is to put a strand of thin wire or fishline through the original circle - might help you keep your place. You could also try doing the first few rounds on a form - you can even gently scotch tape the rows down in 3-4 places, and move the tape as you get there. Using a form (as suggested) helps. Tie the original string of beads around something. 144 'Delicas' sounds like about the number for a large paper towel roll, or narrow plastic glass. When I taught a netted Xmas ball cover, I had my students make the middle bead of each V a contrast color. That way, it's easy to pick up the bead you need to go through on the next round. It also looks nice. I may try a combination of all of the techinques listed... As much as I'm learning about netting with the mistakes I've been making. I really don't want to have to start it for a 10th time. :-)