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High Tech Bead Wire

Q: I always use two rounds (usually 6 mm) with the crimp bead in between at the end before the clasp and I use a crimper tool that mashes and then rounds the crimp. What's your experience? What size do you use for the tiger tail? Isn't acculon the same thing?

A: I assume you are talking about soft-flex and yes, I've started using it and I'm very happy with it. I used tiger tail for a while and found if I used a heavy enough guage it didn't break, but there was still the kinking problem. Nylon, silk, etc. tended to fray and break with some of the stone beads I use. This soft-flex stuff is perfect. I t doesn't fray, break, or kink. My pieces are expensive enough I can defray the cost . I haven't bought or used any of the new high-tech wire yet. I saw it for sale in a catalogue, Bally Beads (I think), with a little piece stuck on the page as a sample. It seemed to have a very nice feel to it. But, as I remember, it was much more expensive than tiger tail. Also, there was a wholesale large minimum order source for it in the new edition of The Bead Directory. Has anyone out there tried it yet? Are you talking about Flex Wire? It comes in many colors and 2 sizes. I bought some at the bead bazaar in Santa Fe. It is nice and has a nice flexibility and the colors are a bonus. It adds a lot to crystals. It is expensive and there is a large minimum order when ordering directly from the manufacturer. However, if you want to try it out, there are some folks carrying it. I will look again at my catalogs to see which ones are carrying it. Now, has anyone here tried SPIDER WIRE? You get it from stores that carry fishing equipment. I heard it was very strong and good for beads.