Jewelry For People Into Swing Music.

Q: So many bare ears, necks, and wrists!!! I on the other hand, weighed 5lbs extra dripping in my own beads. I can't figure out what the folks would wear. Most are very young, and I don't think sparkly will get it. About the only thing I was wearing was a litle head band I call a coronet because it's like a little beaded crown thing with spiky fresh water pearls, stones, and stuff. The band is wrapped in irridescent double color ribbon that is almost transparent and shows thecolor of the fabric band underneath.

A: There's a practical thing here. For the swing dancers, anything that will get caught, or get in the way is not okay. If they're considerate partners, they check beforehand to make sure that that ring doesn't have a bezel that will get caught on clothes, and that the necklace won't brain their partner, or go sailing off in many pieces all over the floor. Dancers are hard on jewelry. After many years, the most I've found that will survive a hard night of dancing is things like bead embroidery brooches and hair clips. Even 'Soft-Flex' will break if you're doing spot turns and spins all night. Getting off topic here a bit - but this is the second time in the past week that I heard about "swing music" ('NPR' had a show on it and I got in at the middle of it). What IS swing music? It sounds like a new old thing that kids are getting into like raves used to be? Something about dressing up nice too....LOL. Can you tell I got a lot from the program? Apparently, the local alternative rock station sponsors swing concerts and dance lessons every week in the summer (their normal play list is 'Tracy Chapman', 'Sheryl Crow', 'Dar Williams', 'Sting', 'Rod Stewart', etc.). Swing is 40's dance music - think big bands - 'Sentimental Journey', 'Andrews Sisters', 'Paper Moon', etc.