Knitted Beaded Purses.

Q: Has anyone on this NG ever attempted these? 'Theresa Williams', A.K.A. "The Bag Lady Press", has some really nice patterns. I am looking for a basic manual that explains, really well, how to do bead knitting.

A: Theresa is the author of several very practical bead knitting books. However, the one that sells, and sells, and sells again, is the very first: "Bead Knit Pendant Bags". It is helpful if you already know how to cast on & how to do the Knit stitch, and perhaps the basics of increasing/decreasing. Beyond that, her books handle everything you need to know. For pendant-sized bags, you will need supplies, you will need approximately 40 grams of size 11/o Japanese beads, size 0000 Knitting Needles, and for some designs, a frame and at least one ball of #8 'Perle' cotton. The book, if I remember correctly, calls for 'DMC'. Many folks use 'Coats & Clark/Anchor' brand, and still others use regular 'Crochet' cottons, although they may lack the sheen of the 'Perle' cottons. Beaded knitting is ADDICTIVE. I love it! I started with the first book and learned a few of the techniques, and then, went on to create my own patterns, started a web page selling the patterns and purses, and now I have antique frames too. It started out as a hobby. Now, it is turning into a very interesting business. There are so many beads out there that are just waiting to be knitted! I use 'Perle' cotton ('DMC'), have a bead spinner, and use a variety of sizes of needles ("0000", "000", "00"). My favorite are "00"'s, they give the bag a more flexible feeling.