Knots? Need Help.

Q: when I make bracelets or necklaces (beaded), how can I hide the knot? I tie the 'Nymo' thread or elastic on the clasp, then I string the beads. The knot is always there. What can I do? Tips and advice would be very helpful.

A: There are a number of ways to achieve this. The easiest is to use something called a bead tip. There are several types. One is like a clam shell.... you thread it on over the knot, apply a little glue to the knot for security, and clamp the "clam shell" over the knot with your pliers, thus hiding it. These are widely available anywhere jewelry findings are sold. You could try using gimp (French wire/bullion). One easy way of using this is to thread 1cm of gimp down to about 14cm from the end of your thread, centre the clasp-ring over the gimp and tie a knot which will pull the gimp tightly around the clasp-ring. You can now thread on the beads for your necklace. Weave the tail thread into your necklace, knotting between beads where appropriate. Gimp is a little better than bead tips/callotte crimps because there are no hard metal edges which may wear on your thread. Gimp/bullion/French wire is available in several weights, so you can choose the appropriate gimp diameter for your thread.