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Looking For Beads.

Q: Am looking for all types of beads. Where should I look?

A: Check out 'Bolek's Craft Supplies'. They have a large assortment of beads for a very good price. 'Bolek's' sells in bulk. Stop by and check out our selection! We have beautiful, handmade 'Venetian' beads that we hand-pick and import ourselves as well as Austrian crystal, semi-precious stone, freshwater pearl, and this evening I'm adding 'Peking Glass Power Bracelets'. I have a lot of beautiful beads, cabs, and cameos, I got them in a closeout sale. I don't know the names or types, but I can send you a good picture of them. Let me know if you're interested, please reply to me at Try They are the best! I've spent hours on the internet checking out bead sites. They will sell wholesale to the public when buying large quantities. They will even sell what they call "tiny's", which are vials that are just under a Gm. for times when you only need a few beads in one color. They range from .50 to $2 for the pricey beads like the 22 kt. gold 'Delicas'. Their shipping charges are great too. They don't charge for handling, only what the actual postage based on weight is. Try them out. You'll think you died and went to bead heaven.