Magazine Subscriptions.

Q: Someone brought up magazines. How about you wonderful people posting your favorites for me, please. I don't want to waste my money, but don't want to miss out on any that have good beading projects/work. Along with that list, would I be pushy to ask for favorite catalog list too? ;-)

A: I subscribe to 'Bead & Button'. I haven't done a lot of projects out of it, but the ones I have done came out nicely. One warning though, make sure you read the materials list, and instructions carefully before you begin, and scrutinize the photos. As in any magazine, articles get edited for space, and sometimes they leave details out. I also like this magazine because there are lots of ads, so it helps me find sources. I also like 'Ornament'. This shows gallery-quality jewelry and fiber work. Not a how-to magazine, but it's great inspiration. I am not a good one to ask about the best magazines. I LOVE them all for different reasons: 'Ornament' - for inspiration, there are very few projects but in the last issue was a beaded bodice that is to die for. That is on my to-do list. 'Beadwork' - Good projects. 'Jewelry Crafts' - it is leaning a bit heavy on polymer clay, but since I am an ex polymer junkie and a current precious metal / clay junkie, I find the articles interesting. 'Lapidary Journal' - The Bead Annual is a must. I get it year-round for inspiration. 'Bead and Button' - My personal favorite, but I am a bit biased, as they published an article of mine last month, and will do so again in December. :) Catalogs- 'Fire Mountian Gems', 'Shipwreck Beads', and 'Rio Grande'. For starters, I don't think you could go wrong with 'Bead & Button'. Lots of projects for all skill levels, good directions, and illustrations. My next favorite is 'Lapidary Journal', which also has a workshop section with projects. Favorite catalogs? 'South Pacific Wholesale', 'Fire Mountain', and 'Rings & Things'. If you're looking for the best magazine subscription price, 'NBAF' has it. They have sort of a plain 'business' like site - but they do have great prices and good service (and lots of magazines).