More on polyshrink

Q: Has anyone actually tried the sanding method to hold the color onto the finished (shrunk) material? I am afraid that even with roughing up the surface, my inkjet and/or my permanent markers will smudge. Also, has anyone found a place to purchase 1/8 inch hole punchers?

A: If you punch before baking, the holes should bake down to the right size, shouldn't they? I used 1/8 when I was making buttons from shrink plastic and that seemed to give a good, average size buttonhole after shrinking. I think 1/6 would shrink down a bit fine for anything but the finest shirt buttons or doll garment buttons. 3/32 sounds workable, though. If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy? My supplier lists a 1/16 hole puncher - would this be too small? It may also be possible to get one that punches 3/32. Yes, I'm afraid it would be. I think 1/8 inch is perfect for buttons and to accommodate jump rings. Anything smaller and you could not get a jump ring in. But, I have already purchased a leather punch, and someone else suggested going to Dick Blick and looking at a metal punch they have. Thanks so much for ALL of your responses!