'Moretti' Glass Rods.

Q: Any suggestions on where is the best place (price and reliability) to buy the rods for lampworking? I have been using 'CR Loo', and I'm not overly happy with them.

A: I have been very happy with 'Arrow Springs'. They are easy to deal with and quick to ship, but they are at the show in Tucson that begins next thursday, so you may have trouble working with them this week. Normally they are very responsive. I am not great at this linking stuff, but I think this is how you get to 'Arrow Springs': http://www.innercite.com/~flameon/welcome.html I having been buying my glass rods from over the internet at 'Arrow Springs'. They sell by the color, or by variety. I have found that the prices are lower then the local glass shop, and the reliblility is great! I had my order in less than a week after I ordered.