Need Help with Perler Fusible Beads, If You Don't Mind.

Q: I know 'Perler' beads are at the low end of the bead spectrum (if they're on there at all), but I really have nowhere else to turn. My local craft store is dropping them from their stock. What I'm looking for is the 400 ct. bags of 1 color. I have found one place, but the selection is extremely limited. If anyone knows of anyplace that has a good selection of these, whether it be online or off, could you please help me out?

A: We might not be able to do you any good either. Others have occasionally asked for an online source of these; I've not seen them online. So please don't feel ignored because you are asking for the 'Perlers', but you might not get any more responses unless someone has a site for these. Anyone? Google search came up with: They appear to sell online. The 'Perler' site is: I don't even know what 'Perler' beads are, but I'm usually somewhat successful ferreting out stuff on the 'net. :) PERLER BEADS DIV. OF DIMENSIONS 1801 No. 12th Street Reading, PA 19604-1527 Tel: (610) 939-9900 (800) 523-8452 Fax: (610) 939-9666 (800) 336-8745 Trade Names: 'PERLER BEADS', 'PERLER JUMP ROPES', 'WHIRLWINDS'. A call to the 800.523.8452 number was rewarded with a chat with two friendly people that said that fusable 'Perler' beads was one of their products. They have a brochure they'll send to you. You need to talk to them about pricing. Maybe they'll help you with other sources, too.