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New beader question

Q: I can't resist those beautiful things anymore. I have a question. How do you get that thread through those tiny holes in the needles ? I am a quilter and a cross stitcher so I have been threading needles for years, but I can't seem to get that beading thread through the tiny holes in the beading needles. I bought the thread and the needles at a bead shop, so that isn't the problem. Any advice for a newbie? And PLEASE don't advise the use of a needle threader. I already broke the one I tried. The thread seems to unravel or something. This is getting very frustrating. I have these wonderfull little bags of beautiful beads and can't use them!

A: The most common answer in my unscientfic survey is "don't thread the needle, needle the thread." While that sounds obtuse, it's really quite easy. It's best to practice with dark thread until you get used to the practice (also, different needles have different holes. I have a Dickens of a time getting my sharps threaded, but have no trouble with beading needles). Here's how. Grasp your thread in your left hand, pinching the end between your thumb and forefinger. Pull the thread down a touch with your other fingers if it's sticking up more than a little. Now pinch your fingers together, rolling the thumb and forefinger together (fingernails closer to each other) until the end of the thread 'just' disappears. Now, take your needle in your right hand. Put the eye of the needle where the end of the thread disappeared. Gently, but quickly, roll your fingers back (fingernails away from each other) while holding the needle steady. If you've got it lined up reasonably well, the thread will go through the eye nearly every time! This works better with Nymo (it's flat) than with Silamide (it's round and has "twist"). Make sure your thread has a fresh cut on the end for best results. Remember that the eye of your needle has two sides and one side is easier to thread than the other. If you're having trouble, flip the needle, recut the thread, and try again.