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Newbie Needs Bead Stringing Help!

Q: In this month's issue of 'Bead & Button', they had a review of a new kind of clear glue that they used for stringing those "illusion" necklaces. I'm sure this would be helpful to you, as they used it for just that reason - keeping the beads from sliding around. It's called "Hot Stuff Special T Instant Glue".

A: I'm trying to put a bead on various stringing (satin, leather, suade). I don't want it to slide around. I just want the bead to SIT THERE with the stringing material showing on either side! I know there are separater beads but either the hole is too large, or too small on them. Does any of this make sense? I have finally resorted to wrapping plain old thread around and around. This seems a trifle tedious in this modern day and age. Try using crimp beads (a.k.a. French crimps). These are little metal beads that crush when squashed with pliers. Crush a crimp bead on either side of the bead. You can buy special pliers that crimp the beads twice so that they end up really small and unobtrusive.