Newbie Needs Help.

Q: I'm new at this, and would really like some help, please. The bead store where I bought my beads suggested I use 'Soft Flex Wire' .014 clear (3 strands X wires per strand) for single strand bracelets (Right? Wrong? Is there something better?) I also want to do 2, and 3 strand bracelets, necklaces, earrings and fancy name bracelets. I also need a source for fancy letters for the bracelets, not those white/black cheap looking things, or the black/gold of the same kind. Different color cheap looking things.

A: 'Soft Flex' is rated by weight, so you should weigh the beads you'd be using, and make sure they are under the maximum weight. 'Soft Flex' is definitely the best "thread" for this type of work. There are copycats, but they haven't worked as well for me. You must try the new 'SoftTouch'. Very soft and flexible, and yet strong. The smallest size is five pound test. This is the 'Soft-Flex' webpage. I don't know if they're still doing it, but for a while, they were sending out samples of different wire sizes. They also have some other cool stuff, like wig jigs.