Opinion Please.

Q: If there were a magazine dedicated to seedbead work, would you buy or subscribe to it?

A: It would depend on how inspiring the projects were and how well they were explained. I like the way 'Bead and Button' writes instructions that work. The initial 'Beadwork Magazine' trial issue (issued three summers ago) was a very beautiful first effort, with a lot of novel projects. The magazine has not duplicated the level of excitement of their initial issue since then. Also, attractive color photos of the projects would make me buy it. I would not buy it if it were just B/W, or used symbols in their bead charts for the colors. I would not buy it if it constantly showed more amulet bags or other overworked topics. I think many seed bead projects benefit from using some larger accent beads and textures. I would not expect any magazine to be devoted JUST to seed beads. Seed beads and polymer clay accents also work very well. I used to buy 'Bead and Button' regularly now, since they've accepted advertising, I find the mag to be too simple for my tastes. They used to show very complicated, elaborate work. Now, it seems like they have several simple projects ("make a strand of pearls!") with the occasional free-form, outrageous work of various artists. I understand they need to cater to all buyers, but I lean more towards 'Ornament'. There is a magazine called "Beadwork". It comes about 6 times a year. It has more about seed bead work in it than some of the other ones ('Bead & Button' or 'Ornament'), but I would love to see another magazine as well. I would probably subscribe to it.