Q: I was wondering if anyone has, or knows where I can find, patterns for christmas ornament earrings, and possibly other holiday earring patterns.

A: I have a pattern for beaded marble earrings up on te 'Jewelry Crafts' web site: If you do them in Christmas colors, then they look like beaded Christmas ornaments. There is another book - "Beaded Holiday Earrings" by 'Jeanette Shonga' that has some really nice earrings for other holiday designs. I think 'Fire Mountain Gems' might have it. They do look very nice and I'm going to give them a try. I ordered a catalogue from 'Fire Mountain', and hopefully I will be getting it soon, but in the meantime, I will check their website and see if they have the book you mentioned. There is a real cute pattern for Christmas tree beaded earrings in the newest issue of 'Bead and Button'. It looks so easy, I might try it myself. I guess I'll be checking the bookstores for some beading magazines. I looked at the local craft stores, and didn't find any. There seems to be a lot of magazines out there for beading that I need to try and find. :)