Plastic Tubes.

Q: Does anyone know where I can get plastic tubes (the kind used for storing seed beads) in quantity reasonably? I am looking for 6", and possibly 3 or 4".

A: 'General Bead' stocks skinny tubes in four different sizes. 'Helby Import Co.' stocks 4 and 6 inch tubes (1/2 and 1oz) too, but you have to have a business (both sell tubes by the hundreds). Prices vary from US$6.50-9.50/100. I believe that the 'Rainbow Bead Co.' may also stock tubes for sale. I didn't see your message until now, but if you would be interested in 2 inch plastic tubes, I would be happy to send you as many as you need, for .01 per tube, plus postage. I buy my beads in bulk; several 100 tubes at a time, and repackage them without the tubes. The bead supplier I use won't take the tubes back, and I hate to see them in a landfill, so they just keep piling up! I currently have about 15,000 of them, and would love to find them a new home!