Pony Beads.

Q: I need some patterns for pony beads. If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it!

A: what more do you want? There are a lot of good links from the 'Geocities' site. Are you looking for something in particular, that you can't find there? We have some project sheets, but they are not significantly different from what is seen on the Web (except our graphics are a little clearer). I will be away for 2 weeks, but E-mail me if you want info about our kits and sheets for pony beads. The person most likely to help you out is 'Corrine Gurry'. She sells colored wire via mail-order, but perhaps she knows where you can find some in the UK. She is a very helpful person, and will not do a sales number on you, even though wire jewelery-making is her business. You can contact her through my web site: http://beadville.com/ From the main page, enter 'Beadville' by clicking the "Enter Beadville" Button. On the left side of the "Beadville Town Square", click on the "Neighbors" Button. You can link to 'Corrine's' website from there.