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Q: Did everyone get their projects finished that they were making for others as gifts this holiday season? What was the most difficult project you intended as a gift?

A: I finished a necklace for my sister-in-law - forgot to scan it though, so I'll ask my brother to take a photo. I also made a friend who collects mini-shoes, a tiny leather beaded moccasin - came out really cute. I didn't finish the suncatcher for my oldest brother - it's woven with a hole in the middle - sky above, waves below and will get a dolphin bead hung in the center. All those ends to work in. I just didn't find the time. I did, but I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve to do it! Fortunately, I was only making three necklaces, with the beads I had made, wire, and chain. It's Pretty simple as far as the assembly goes. I did manage to scan them right before wrapping them, too! I took my tools and stuff with me, because my sister had a pair of cow beads that she wanted made into earrings, and after I did that for her, I made a necklace for myself. I keep thinking maybe I shouldn't have let them know how easy that part was! I love them. I love the blue heart on 'Amazon' and the frit heart on 'Justbeads', but what I am really loving is your "wave" sets. They will do so well to accent other lampwork beads. I am sitting here thinking about how many sets I want, in how many colors. I am very new to beading... I only started about two months ago. I prefer using wire at this point, and don't like the things like peyote stitch, but I enjoy making earrings and the few necklaces I made. I did make some ornaments, beaded and non, which were a big hit among my family. I finished a gift to my friend and hairdresser. She is only 42, and had a heart attack this year. Since she has to keep nitroglycerin with her at all times, I made her a beaded vile necklace to keep it in. You have to keep your hairdresser happy. I know because I am one and I do her hair as well. I am just glad that she is still with us. She is too young to die.