Q: Does anyone know a bead store online that sells the magnet closures for necklaces and/or bracelets?

A: 'General Bead' has magnet clasps for $10.50 for 6 in G and S (sometimes but not when I ordered). You can get a very good quality 9ct and 'SS' magnetic clasp from 'AG Jeweller's Supplies' for $24.05/12 and 21.01/12 respectively. If you want something special, I'd recommend these above the others which I believe are the same as the ones supplied by 'Rings & Things'. 'AG' is not online, but they do mail-orders. 'AG Findings' Sawgrass Corporate Ctr 1145 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy Sunrise, Florida 33323 Phone (954)846-9400, or US Toll Free: (800)327-4360.