Rose Petal Beads

Q: I am looking for the recipe for Rose Petal Beads. I saw it on tv but lost the recipe. I have a wedding coming up in August and want to make rose petal purses with small beads instead of rice bags. Anyone out there know the recipe for Rose Petal beads? I know you take the rose petals, put them in a food processor and add flour (I think), water, and another ingredient, mix well, spread out and roll up bead and push florists wire through until dry, then string. I just need the ingredients.

A: If you can wait for my article to be printed in the next issue of "Bead & Button" magazine you will find directions for making the beads along with pictures. If not........ Materials: 2 qt. Red rose petals (3-4 doz..) Iron, glass or enamel pot 3-4 oz. Acacia powder of gum benzoin 1 oz. Powdered orris root 4-5 oz. Rose Water 1/2 oz. Rose Oil Round toothpick or large needle Monofilament of waxed dental floss. Grind or finely chop intensely fragrant, fresh rose petals. Measure the petals into an iron pot (for black beads) or a glass or enamel pot for dark red beads. For each cup of petals add 1/2 tsp powdered orris root and at least 2 Tab. acacia powder. These are fixatives that help retain the fragrance. Add barely enough water or rose water (or a combination) to cover the chopped petals. Simmer gently at low heat stirring periodically for 2-3 hours. Do NOT let the mixture boil. 2. At this point, you can form the beads, but to make an especially nice material, repeat the cooking process for as many as three days. Each time you reheat the petals, add rose water and water as needed. Do not let the mixture cook dry or boil. 3. After the third cooking, remove excess moisture by draining the pulp in a sieve as it cools. Save the liquid to glaze the finished beads later. 4. To form beads, oil you hand with rose oil and roll small amounts of the pulp into balls. Form them into beads and pierce them with a toothpick, needle, or pin tool. String them on monofilament or waxed dental floss and place them on an absorbent towel to dry thoroughly about a week.