Short Needles And Leather Beading.

Q: I wouldn't be surprised if 'Sandi Graves' at 'Stormcloud Trading' in Minneapolis carries them. I don't have her number handy, but her ads are in 'Beadwork' and 'B&B'.

A: Unfortunately, I don't know of any supplier who at the moment carries the 13 shorts. I have a small stash that I've used sparingly for the last year because I can't find a supplier. I was only able to get 10 at the time. You CAN use the long 13s, but they WILL bend. I use a hemostat to pull it through to try to keep the needle from bending too much. I've not only bought short needles from her, I bought long needles for looming. ;) See I just ordered some short needles from the 'Soft-Flex' Company. They weren't on the webpage, but the lady said they had some. I'll let you know how they work out. I believe it was $1.20 for 4 assorted sizes. Note to self: check supply cabinet before ordering something else you already have!!! Uh, would you believe I actually HAD some short needles... I bought them at 'JoAnne's Fabrics', brand 'Dritz', size/No. 10, 1 1/4". As usual, I found them when I was looking for something else. I finally took a stab at the leather... it's easier and harder than I expected. Thanks to all who've freely shared advice! If it's worth looking at when I'm done, I'll post a scan.