Q: I have just started using hanks of beads rather than loose. They inspire my creativity a lot more, and I like laying them out to see how the colours work together. I am wondering if anyone has any clever ideas for storing the hanks (preferably something that would enable me to access them easily and would go on the wall or stand up). My cousin suggested pins in a cork bulletin board, which I think is a great idea. Also, while I am posting, does anyone have any tips on selecting beads for projects. Where/how do you begin to create a project?

A: Hanks have a bad habit of breaking. There are as many storage solutions as there are beaders, I suspect. Depending on the number of them you have, you could buy one of those floss organizers in the cross stitch department of your local craft supply. The one I'm talking about is a metal ring with several zip-seal-type bags on it. You could get several if your supply if hanks is large, and hang them by color grouping. I have a large quantity of clear boxes I bought from an internet vendor (actually, I got them from her in person) that fit into a Plano 3000 (from the fishing supply place)....and I have something like 12 or more Plano 3000s full of little boxes of beads. I use peg boards with hooks to hang hanks. You can find large sheets of peg board & hooks at a hardware/ home improvement store. You would probably want to use a couple of pieces of wood screwed into the wall studs then screw the peg board to them. That way you will have enough of a gap between the wall and peg board to insert the hooks. I spray painted the peg board black and it makes the colors really stand out. You have to be careful with some hanks though. I've come across some that are strung on very slippery thread and fall apart easily.