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'The BeadAholic Quarterly' Online.

Q: 'The BeadAholic Quarterly', a newsletter for beaders, has been in publication since March. It has been sent to subscribers all over the U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and England. The hard copy is still available, but there is a subscription fee.

A: Ah yes, in good old tripod, the location I love to hate. After 10 minutes of ads, 20 minutes of misdirection, and 40 "cookies", I start "Xing out" all those screens and find what I initially wanted hidden underneath. By then, I'm too angry to care, and "X" it out, too! Huh? I don't see ads. Oh, you mean on their channels pages? I don't go there often, or if I do, I save to 'Favorites' the parts I want, and skip the ads. Why I hate 'tripod', is the popup covers the whole screen; so I am trying to figure out on that page I'm looking at, where I'm supposed to click, and of course, whatever I do click sends me on a wild goose chase. I guess if I used it more often, I'd get the hang of it, since I don't allow "cookies" to get saved on my computer usually, (see, I have so many of those to go through everytime I go to geocities, or tripod so I usually avoid both). I guess if I was willing to "play the game" and allow anybody to put who-knows-what on my computer, I'd get in to these easier! I just kind of stumbled onto this place... I'm not sure if I am doing this right. I don't even know where it is, or how I got here for sure... but hello! this would be great if I could see posts from you. Can you send me an E-mail and let me know what this place is?? Hugs! Your beady friend, Barb and you know which one...