'Toho Triangles'.

Q: I recently saw a sample of these, and just had to ask.... what the heck is does one do with "triangle" beads??!! Also, Czech micros...I know they are quite a bit smaller than 'Delicas', but are they as precise, and if I made a 1 inch wide peyote 'Delica' piece, how much smaller would a one inch wide czech micro piece be? Are they not desirable for such use because of their size?

A: I have strung black shiney ones on wire and knitted a bag with them. They look really cool, and give a lot of dimension to a piece. A one-inch wide piece is going to be an inch-wide no matter what beads you use. ;) I've worked a little with the Czech micros, though, and they are pretty regular, but they have thin walls, so you really don't want to put them in anything where they're going to be exposed to stress. Triangles feel great when they are made up. They work anywhere that you would use a similar sized bead. They fit together, and catch the light differently than 'Delicas'. Try making a bracelet, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Two "beady" friends of mine have used the 'Toho Triangles' to make cuff-style bracelets. One did hers in square weave, the other did hers on the loom; the overall effect is very similar. I prefer the 'Miyuki Triangles' - they are smoother than the 'Tohos', but my friends prefer the 'Tohos' because they are more angular (?).