Using Vintage Beads.

Q: Are there any legal problems associated with using beads from old jewelry and remodeling and selling? Like, if I buy old necklaces at yard sales and make new ones, are they considering my creations, or not?

A: Sure they are..... In fact, many artists do exactly that and then remarket the earrings, bracelets, or necklaces as 50 year old creations. I'm not really fond of breaking up old beaded artifacts, but that's just a personal feeling. It is a shame to leave a lovely grouping of beads just laying around in a drawer instead of reusing the beads for something useful and lovely. There are no legal problem with this at all. Just make sure that you don't destroy a valuable piece of vintage jewelry by mistake! You're best off if you take apart pieces that are already broken. There are some collectors who believe that it is absolute sacrilege to take apart ANY piece, except for one that is already broken.